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What is Our News Feed?

Our news feed allows you to see when new items have been added to the HGfL. By ‘subscribing’ to a news feed you get the title and a summary of each new item, without you having to visit the site. Feeds are sometimes called RSS or RSS Feeds (meaning Really Simple Syndication) and are becoming a popular way to keep up with news and website updates.

They are often indicated by an orange icon.RSS logoor XML image

Think of it as web content being delivered to you, rather than you having to go and get it. Instead of visiting all your favourite web sites to read their news you can subscribe to their News feed from your 'reader' to bring all the news to you (provided they have news feeds).

Get a News Reader

The first thing you need is a ‘news reader.’ This is a program or web service that you use to subscribe to a feed, and it handles all your subscriptions. Web based readers are generally free to use. One of the most popular was the Google Reader but this closed in June 2013. Some alternatives are:

Some downloadable programs are:

  • Sharp Reader
  • FastTrackNews
  • YeahReader

(please read our disclaimer before using any of these programs or services.)

If you are using Internet Explorer 7, Chrome or Firefox, these browsers can handle news feeds without the need for a reader.

How do I Subscribe to a News Feed?

Once you have chosen a news reader you can subscribe to our news feed. There are different ways of doing this:

1. Copy the web address of this page into your News Feed Reader

2. Copy the link from the orange icon, and paste it into the ‘subscription’ field in your news reader.






To do this, right-click on the icon and select Copy Shortcut.

Then, paste the shortcut into your reader.

Your reader will now check the feed every time you use it, and show you the latest updates to the HGfL, and from there you can view the whole article if you wish.

RSS logoSubscribe to the HGfL News Feed
Following the above instructions

3. Copy this code into your reader


More about News Feeds

For more information on News Feeds, there is a good article at the BBC website:


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