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All the files below can only be downloaded if you are in a Hertfordshire school In Schools Only

Analytical Information Services Team

Assessment Data (Password Not Required)

Herts Assessment Profile - September 2019

The 2019 online Assessment Profile will be available to view from Monday 2nd September. You need to be connected to the Hertfordshire intranet to access the profile. For more information visit:


2015 Primary Schools Assessment Profile (Final version historical data)
This 2015 version of the primary schools assessment profile has been retained here to allow schools access to previous years of data.

Assessment Profile Primary 2015 In Schools Only

NB. Please save this file to your computer before using it, by right clicking the link and selecting 'Save Target As...', otherwise you may encounter errors. You will need to select 'Enable Macros' when opening the file.


Data Collection & Business Information Team

AnyComms Plus

This system is for the transmission of confidential and sensitive information between Herts schools and between Herts Local Authority services and schools (both directions).
It is intended for the transfer of regular and statutory returns (e.g. School Census) rather than ad hoc transfers (which are more appropriate to Schoolsfx or HertSFX).  Features of the system:-

  • Each school has two accounts – one for Head and one for Admin (linked to their respective email accounts).
  • Access to the system is via a web page ( and therefore available through any computer with internet access - there is no software to be installed.
  • To login users require a username, password and memorable word. Users can reset a forgotten password provided they know their user name and memorable word.
  • Schools can send (upload) files to specific services of the local authority (e.g. Data Collection or Safe Staffing).
  • Schools can send files to the Head or Admin account of any other school or organisation in the system - although it is not to be used instead of the DfE’s S2S system for CTF files.
  • Services within the local authority can send files to schools (Head or Admin).
  • Services within the local authority can also send a form (referred to as a “Pre-populated Form) or questionnaire for schools (Head or Admin) to complete.
  • Users receive an alert (through Head and Admin emails) when a new file is waiting to be downloaded. (This can be set through the “My Account” option when logged in to the system).
  • Users can see a history of the files they have sent (uploaded) or received (downloaded).
  • The guidance documents for SIMS schools will show the process for submitting specific returns.
  • Files remain in the system for 12 months and can be redownloaded if required.
For help with logging on

HfL ICT Services supported SIMS schools should contact the ICT Service Desk: 01438 844777,
All other users should contact HCC’s Data Collection Team: 01992 588564,

For help with pre-populated forms or other functions with the system

Contact HCC’s Data Collection Team: 01992 588564,


Comparative Budget Share Data (Password Required)

Comparative graphs/profiles for Section B - Financial 2020/21 are now available in electronic format below.

The files are published annually and contain a range of financial benchmarking information based upon schools Approved Budget Returns. The information is split into four school types.

Nursery Schools
Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
Special Schools


Macros need to be Enabled to ensure that graphs will be displayed correctly.

To use the data, download the file and enter your password on the first sheet. The password remains unchanged from last years published reports. Use the buttons to navigate around the graph and profile sheets. A help file is included within each profile.

For password queries, issues regarding the functionality or historical versions of the workbook please contact: Email: