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Reporting Accidents to the Local Authority

Where the local authority is the employer (eg ESC’s, Community, VC and special schools) all incidents to employees (no matter how minor in nature) must be reported to the LA using its accident or violent incident form within 10 days of the event.

Minor incidents involving pupils (ie those requiring no or nominal first aid treatment) may simply be recorded in the school's own accident book. However more serious pupil accidents and dangerous occurrences must also be reported to the local authority within 10 days of the event.


Reporting Accident to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases & Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR)

In some circumstances it is also necessary for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to be notified of accidents. This should be done via the HSE's on-line system  

Fatal and major injuries (as defined in RIDDOR) should be reported immediately to the Incident Contact Centre 0845 3009923. 

All incidents that are reported to the HSE must also be reported to the LA’s Health and Safety Team using the online forms via Solero.

The HSE website provides further guidance on what to report;




When I report injuries to school pupils. What category should I use  on the F2508 form under "Injured Person's Employment Status"?

Students and pupils are not at work and therefore are regarded as members of the public (MOPs) for this part of the form.

Are accidents to pupils sustained in PE lessons reportable under RIDDOR?

Yes, but only if the pupil is taken to hospital for treatment of the injury and the accident arose out of or was connected to the school’s work. For example, the accident arose because of poor organisation or supervision arrangements, the equipment or the condition of the premises, e.g. a potholed tarmac surface.

What if the pupil is taken to hospital as a precaution but the examination shows no injury?

No. RIDDOR only requires injuries to be reported, if the medical advice is that the pupil was not injured in any way then there is no need to report this.

Do I need to know what treatment was given by the hospital before I report an injury to a pupil?

There is no requirement to check that treatment is actually administered by the hospital. If the school is later told that the hospital could find no injury, not even a minor cut or abrasion, then you do not have to make a report as the law only requires you report injuries in these circumstances.
The key thing to remember when determining whether to report an incident to a pupil or other person who is not at work is that the accident must be reported where it arose out of or was connected with the work activity.

Some of our pupils have been hurt in a road traffic accident on the way to school in the school bus. Should I report their injuries?

No. Deaths and injuries that result from the movement of a vehicle on a road do not have to be reported.

A pupil has been injured while on a school trip abroad. Should I report this to HSE?

No. HSE does not have jurisdiction when the pupil is outside the country so RIDDOR does not apply. 


Education Accident/Incident Reporting and Investigation Policy

Revised Accident/Incident Reporting & Investigation

Full guidance on how to record, report and investigate accidents. It contains guidance on completing the F2508 forms for the HSE

Accident and Incident Reporting Flow Chart

Injury and Dangerous Occurrence Report Form

Violent Incident Report Form