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Reporting Accidents to Local Authority

Where the local authority is the employer (eg ESC’s, Community, VC and special schools) all incidents to employees (no matter how minor in nature) must be reported to the LA using its accident or violent incident form within 15 days of the event.

Minor incidents involving pupils (ie those requiring no or nominal first aid treatment) may simply be recorded in the school's own accident book. However more serious pupil accidents and dangerous occurrences must also be reported to the local authority within 15 days of the event.

See Accident Reporting Flowchart for further details.


Online Incident Reporting

The reporting of accidents and violent incidents to the LA should be done online via Solero.


Access Solero

On logging into Solero with your school number and password you’ll see 3 new links are now available

  • Incident – Add Accident Report
  • Incident - Add violent Incident
  • Incident - Accident / violent incident reports review

There are 2 stages to reporting incidents online

Stage 1  Entering details of the incident

  • Select the correct online form for the type of incident ( accident or violent incident) that happened;
  • Complete the form in full and then click ‘submit’;
  • The incident will then be allocated a reference number and give you the option to print the report , return to Solero or add another incident;
  • Tell the manager responsible for carrying out the investigation that you have completed the form, they will then be able to review the online form and input details of the investigation. N.B. an email notification can also be sent to the relevant line manager whilst completing the form .

Stage 2  Reviewing an incident

Conducted by the headteacher / manager responsible for carrying out the investigation.

On receiving notification that an incident form has been completed, log into Solero and select the ‘Review an online accident or violent incident report’ link.

You’ll then be able to review the data already inputted for accuracy and add further details of your investigation in the space provided prior to printing / saving an electronic copy for retention locally.


Help with Completing the Online Forms

Guidance notes to answer any questions you may have about completing the form online are available here.

Online Reporting Guidance Updated

If you need any additional help, please contact the Health and Safety team, who will be happy to assist with your query. Tel 01992 556478


Improving Performance Updated

Before 2010/11 some schools had difficulty accessing the accident report form and it was necessary to add a proxy exception for * to the browser settings of those computers used for access.

However since changing Internet and Connectivity provider this proxy exception is no longer required and, on some computers, it may actually be necessary to remove it. It is recommended that this is carried out by the school’s technical support staff or ICT service provider.

If you continue to experience difficulties accessing the forms via Solero contact the SITSS service desk:
Tel: 01438 844777  option 1, then option 2

April 2012