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Managing Risk in the Curriculum 

Teaching staff should consider any significant health and safety issues such as class size, pupil behaviour, maturity, limitations of space, layout, equipment etc. as part of their planning and preparation, risk assessment is just another name for that process.

For most activities rather than create additional paper records or a specific risk assessment this is generally best achieved by simply noting any relevant, important health and safety information in those materials normally used in teaching e.g. schemes of work, lesson plans, pupil worksheets etc. This can be brief and will only be required for a few activities but would demonstrate adequate consideration of the risks involved.

For curricular activities in areas of potentially higher risk (DT, science, PE) staff should be familiar with and extract relevant information from the generic risk assessments and guidance produced by advisory bodies such as the ASE, CLEAPSS and Association of PE (AfPE).

Whenever a new course is adopted or developed subject leads / co-ordinators must check their activities against these resources and ensure any significant findings are incorporated into texts in daily use.

Resources for risk assessment at primary level
  • Be Safe! Health and Safety in primary science and technology, 4th Edition ASE
  • CLEAPSS All Herts maintained schools have membership for the pur¬pose of obtaining risk assessments and for advice on health & safety matters in science and technology. Range of CLEAPSS guides available providing information on a more-extensive range of activities than is covered in Be safe! Examples include G5p Safe Use of Household and Other Chemicals
  • Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport’ Association of PE ‘afPE’


Resources for risk assessment at Secondary level
  • CLEAPSS Range of CLEAPSS guides and model risk assessments available for both Science Information for DT and Art available
  • BS 4163:2014 Health and Safety for Design and Technology in Educational and Similar Establishments- Code of Practice
  • Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport’ Association of PE ‘afPE’

Should the proposed activities not be adequately covered by the above resources then a specific risk assessment must be completed and further professional advice may need to be sought. This should be an exceptional circumstance.