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FSM Renewals Process 2020

The renewals process for 2020 process is now complete. This bulletin details how to access Solero reports and a note to remind families of pupils moving from year 2 to year 3 to re-apply for a FSM.

This bulletin below provides information about the 2020 renewals process.

FSM Communications

COVID – Summer Food Fund

This article provides guidance about providing FSM vouchers over the summer holidays. Link to full guidance from DfE contained within the article.

COVID 19 – Temporary extension of FSM eligibility to NRPF groups

This article provides guidance about the extension measure put in place by DfE and how schools should support families with applications.

Free School Meals (FSM) Communication Articles

This bulletin provides information about when FSM applications can be made for the next academic year. Articles that you may wish to share with families are also attached below.

Fact Sheet – Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) Reception to Year 2
Fact Sheet – Year 3 and Above
Free School Meal Card
Free School Meals Poster
Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) Applications

This article provides information about promoting UIFSM applications

Education Benefit Matrix

This matrix provides details of the help with costs of education that is available

Guide to completing a Free School Meal application online

This provides guidance on how to apply for a Free School Meal online for Reception to year 2 pupils and year 3 and above.

Schools Guide to Ever6

Changes to UC and Transitional protection

FSM Transitional Protection - 26/10/2018

This bulletin provides updated information about FSM Transitional Protection