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Model and Statutory Policies for Schools

DfE: statutory policies for schools and academies

The Department for Education's document outlines the policies and other documents governing bodies are legally required to hold. Governing bodies are required to hold each of these policies and other documents, as outlined, however:

  • the drafting of school policies can be delegated to any member of school staff
  • there is no requirement for all policies to be reviewed annually
  • not all policies need to be signed off by the full governing body

The document makes clear how often each policy must be reviewed and also shows the level of approval required, where this is prescribed in regulations.

Model policies for Hertfordshire schools

Quick links to 'model' policies on the Grid that are available for schools to use. It does not cover all policies and procedures available, only those 'model policies' which can be adapted by schools.

Model policies are given to assist governing bodies in drafting and agreeing their own school policy, the details of which will vary from school to school depending on their size, structure and needs. Model policies should therefore be adapted – not adopted. Occasionally a policy includes statutory requirements (for example statutory time limits in which to hold exclusion hearings) which must be adhered to.

Model Policy



Date last reviewed

Date to be reviewed


The Bribery Act applies to all staff in the organisation.  An organisation may be guilty of bribery even if only the individual offender knew of the bribery.


Nov 2012

Review date not given


Child protection
CSF0034 Model Child Protection Policy for Schools

HCC Child Protection and Statutory Review Service

Sept 2019


Children Looked After (CLA)
CSF4093 Model School Policy for Children Looked After

Visit the Virtual School website

HCC - Head of Achievement
Virtual School




Religious Education

SACRE Model policies




CSF0065 Model Collective Worship Policy for Secondary Schools

Herts for Learning

Sept 2015

Sept 2017


CSF0064 Model Collective Worship Policy for Primary Schools

Herts for Learning

Sept 2015

July 2017


Health and safety

Other policies can be found in the Health and Safety section.

HCC Health and Safety Team - Schools

October 2019



Human Resources

The Herts for Learning HR Services portals for maintained schools and academies contain model policies relating to a range of human resource topics.

The portals are accessible via a login on the Herts for Learning website and are free for all schools or academies which subscribe to the HfL HR service subscription package.

Schools have access to the portal via their school accounts on the website.

If you are unable to access the portals, please call: 01438 844873 or email

Herts for Learning

Policies are reviewed and updated regularly


Online Safety Policy and Acceptable Use Agreements

Herts for Learning




Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)



HCC Offsite Visits



Medical Absences


CSF3956 Appendix B includes a School Exemplar Policy for the Education of Children and Young People with Medical Needs available at:

HCC Education Support Team for Medical Absence



Medical Conditions

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Sample Policy

HCC - Health Improvement Lead

January 2015

No review date given


Pupil Discipline

DfE guidance for school leaders and staff on developing a school behaviour policy.



Restrictive interventions in schools


HCC - Hertfordshire Steps






HCC Child Protection and Statutory Review Service

Sept 2019



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