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Salary Calculations

Q: How do I calculate an hourly or daily rate of pay:

A: Non-Teaching Staff:
The hourly rate of pay is based on the full time salary for the post divided by 52.142 weeks per year, then divided by 37 hours per week.

The daily rate is based on 1/365th of the full time annual salary.

A: Supply Teaching Staff:
The daily rate for Supply Teachers is based on the full time salary divided by 195 days.

Supply Teachers receive a percentage of the teaching day for those hours that they work, due to the fact that the teaching day and School Timetable Teaching Week STTW) varies from school to school.

eg: a supply teacher that works 3 hours in a school where the teaching day is 5 hours and 15 minutes they work 54% of that working day.


School Timetabled Teaching Week (STTW)

Q: What is the School Timetabled Teaching Week (STTW)?

A: The STTW is the number of teaching hours, excluding breaks, registration and assemblies, a full time teacher would delivery in a week.

This is the basis on which part time teacher’s pay is calculated.


Leaving HCC - Balance of Salaries

Q:  If I leave before the end of the leave year how do I ensure I get paid all the annual leave I am entitled to (TTO employees) or what happens if I have taken too much annual leave or I have some annual leave outstanding when I leave (non-TTO employees)?

A: Payroll will calculate a ‘Balance of Salary’ which will adjust your final salary on leaving Herts County Council.  Balance of salary works out if you are a Term Time Only employee whether you have been paid for the correct number of weeks plus holiday pay at the date you leave.


Personal / Bank details during employment

Q: How do I inform Payroll & HR that I’ve changed my bank details, name or address?

A: Please complete a Change of Personal Details Form – this can be found on the Grid at the following link:

Payroll: Personal


Head Teachers Pay Increases and Setting ISRs

Q: I am a Governor in a School, how do I go about setting ISRs for the Head Teacher every year and how do they go about requesting a pay increase?

A: This information is outlined in the Teachers’ Terms & Conditions document on the Department for Education website. 

DfE: School teachers pay and conditions document 2011