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This page contains information about the different ways you can access the Schools Address Book (SAB).

Schools Address Book (Public)

Schools addresses are available to the public on the Herts Direct website.

The Schools Address Book on is maintained centrally at County Hall in Hertford.  The preferred method for schools to request updates or alterations to the information on Herts Direct is by logging on to the SOLERO system and selecting "Your School Details". Otherwise please contact:

Data Collection & Business Information Team:
Helpline: 01992 588564

Schools Address Book (Schools only)

The Excel version is maintained by Herts for Learning. Changes made via SOLERO notifications, as described above, also reach this team. For other amendments to the Excel version, please email

Do not under any circumstances e-mail this excel spreadsheet or copy for anyone not attached to HCC/HfL business.

Latest Version of Schools Address Book - July 2019
How to sort the information

For example you may want to find all the infant schools:

  • Open up the spreadsheet by clicking on the schools address book (excel) link above
  • Click on 'Data' menu at the top of the browser screen
  • Choose 'filter' from this menu
  • Then select 'Auto Filter', this will show a drop-down arrow at the top of each column of data
  • Decide which column you would like to filter the information by eg 'Type' (type of school)
  • Click on the drop-down arrow of that column to bring up a list of data items that has been used in this column.
  • Select from this the set of data that you would like to be displayed eg 'infant' from the 'Type' column