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The Consistent Financial Reporting framework developed by the DfE, Ofsted and the Audit Commission is a standardised framework for recording income, expenditure and balances. One of the main aims of CFR is to promote consistency to enable schools to benchmark at a national level.

Full Consistent Financial Reporting Guidance is available on the website:

All schools were required to submit CFR returns for each financial year and this information is now available on the DfES benchmarking website.

The website enables schools to view their CFR data and make comparisons with similar schools. The log in details for the school can be requested using the form accessible on the link below:

Additional financial information for Schools can be found on the DfE website through the link below:

Hertfordshire also produces management information for schools which is drawn from a variety of sources including financial information from schools’ Approved Budget Returns. Comparative bar charts for 13 benchmark groups enables schools to make comparisons with Hertfordshire schools of a similar size and structure. Schools’ individual management information profiles are accessible from the:

Goldsheets 2018/2019

HCC Coding Structure for the Consistent Financial Reporting Framework

New codes should not be added unless advised.

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Analysis/Ledger Codes

This chart provides schools with information linking account codes to CFR reporting lines