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Best Value Guidance

Under delegation, schools have the choice as to their provider for supplies and services. There is a duty for both the Local Authority and School Governing Bodies to ensure Best Value, ie the delivery of services to clear standards, covering both cost and quality, by the most effective, economic and efficient means available.

It is therefore essential that schools are fully aware of the alternatives available for them, and the processes they should follow, when considering the purchase and contracting of supplies and services.




Links & Downloads

DfE Advice

The DfE website section on Schools Financial Management contains advice on Efficiency and Value for Money.

HCC Commissioning Toolkit

You can also refer to Hertfordshire County Councils' Commissioning Toolkit for Schools.

Good Value in Purchasing Telecommunications

A guide to the issues that need to be taken into account in purchasing telecommunications.

Details of a central purchasing option available to schools.

Good Value in Purchasing Computer Systems

Please note this document is currently being updated.

ICT Services Response to the Panorama Programme (24 Sept 2012):

Information about Leasing and Purchasing Technology

Recently there have been a number of key news items referring to missold and overpriced ICT equipment being sold to schools which left them in crippling debt. This new investigation led by the BBC and relayed over their radio, television and internet news channels has highlighted the difficulties in purchasing value for money equipment from reliable and ethical sources.