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Schools that have purchased our services have said:

"Having worked in other authorities where no such service exists I am always grateful to be working in Herts where it does.”

"As a new head I have learned a great deal from my adviser, and have greatly valued her support."


Herts for Learning's Financial Services has been providing comprehensive financial mangement support to schools in Hertfordshire since 1993 following the introduction of local management in schools.

We are also now providing financial support to academies and free schools using the FMS financial software, both in schools and through the Financial Services help desk.

Through our service we provide reassurance to school leaders that accounting records are accurate and up to date for effective budget monitoring and financial planning.

Our promise is to provide 'highly professional services at reasonable prices'.

Our success is proved by the rapid and continuing growth of the services we provide in schools. We very much value our reputation with schools, and this reputation is demonstrated by some of the favourable comments we have received from our customers.

To discuss your needs and arrange support please contact:
Financial Services Admin
Tel: 01438 843299







How We Can Help?

  • In School Accounting Service
    A complete accountancy support and financial management advisory service tailored to meen the needs of ondvidual schools.
  • Financial Management Advisory Service
    Providing reassurance that financial management processes and controls are given a professional opinion to support schools in acheiving effective financial management.
  • Budget Planning
    Support and advice with the calculation of the school's annual budget, or with modelling the school budget plan over the current and following three financial years, linked to the School Development Plan, using FPS Advance or Sims budgeting software.
  • Pay As You Use Schools Visits
    Providing financial advice and suppport for a variety of needs, including budget planning, financial consultancy, temporary cover, recruitment, systems support or financial helth checks.
  • Helpline Support
    A complete support service, offering a speedy and efficient response to telephone enquiries on all aspects of the operation of schools' financial software and accounting procedures.
  • Financial Training
    A training service for school management, staff and governors on all financial software supported by Financial Services, and on best practice in financial management, through our structured training course programme or by 'bespoke' training for individual users.
  • Financial Software
    Provision of advice and support for accounting and budgeting software used in schools and academies. Supported software currently includes FMS6, RM Finance and FPS Advance financial planning software.
  • Support to Academies and Free Schools
    Financial Services is now delivering financial support services to academies and free schools. Our support is tailored to the individual needs of academies and free schools, ranging from the initial set up of the chart of accounts on FMS to comprehensive in school financial support. We also operate a helpline service to schools using the FMS6 financial software.


Financial Services CPD Courses

The list of courses below are all the Financial Services courses, you can select to view a list of Primary or Secondary ICT courses.

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What's New

FMS6 Asset Management Module : 29 November 2012

The aim of this course is to demonstrate the use of SIMS Assets & Depreciation and its integration with FMS6 to produce accounts information and manage assets.

Financial Management Senior Leadership Team Primary: Part 1 & 2

The aim of this course is to provide primary, special and nursery head teachers, deputy head teachers and other members of the school's senior leadership team with an overview of school finances and budget management.


Schools' Financial Value Standard 'Time Out' Workshop: 5 & 12 February 2013

Why not come along to an informal workshop and spend some time out from your school to begin the process of completing the SFVS? There will be experienced staff from FSS to help you with any questions that you may have. The Standard consists of 23 questions, which will be set out on a template, so bring along a memory stick to copy your responses onto which will facilitate completion at a later date.


Fss Admin
Tel: 01438 843299