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ICT Services Capita SIMS Accreditation 2016

ICT Services School Survey Capita Accreditation

We would like to thank all schools for their time and participation in the survey.


ICT Services Accreditation 2015

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Summary of audit:

A well organised and efficient partner who has forged a strong relationship with RM both as ICT Services and HfL. There is much to be gained by sharing the current best practices used by both partners – RM and HfL.

Capita SIMS



2016 Accreditation

Capita comment: "The politeness, helpfulness and approachability of the team along with their professionalism and excellent knowledge is apparent in the school survey comments and this is reflected in the scores. For this and all scores the team should be very proud."

Schools gave our team a rating of 5.26 out of 6 for Overall quality of SIMS Support.