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EYFS Attainment on Entry Data Collection from SIMS (for Nursery and Reception aged pupils)

The Local Authority, as in previous years, is collecting Attainment on Entry data from Hertfordshire schools with Nursery (N2) and Reception aged pupils. Both the instructions and the report have been updated and so all schools wishing to participate in this data collection will need to download the updated files, which are located here. The instructions will guide you through downloading and importing the report file, generating the return and submitting the file via AnyComms+.

Please note: The report now uses the children’s date of birth to determine if they are Nursery or Reception aged, rather than using the National Curriculum Year Taught In that is recorded on their record in SIMS (as was used in previous returns), thus overcoming the issue of children that are taught out of year, i.e. Delayed Entry to Reception children, showing in the incorrect cohort, as the assessment system is designed to check their attainment ‘level’ against their age.



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