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General Information (Primary Assessment Manager)

Assessment Manager 7 (AM7)

AM7 is the ideal tool for recording your pupils' assessments in a seamless manner. This module provides a means of recording a pupil's marks, grades and other scores to meet the school's day-to-day assessment needs and the statutory assessment requirements of the National Curriculum. It supports good practice in all schools since it can be used in conjunction with a consistent whole-school assessment policy.

Some of the benefits of using Assessment Manager in your school:

  • Maintains a historical record of individual assessments over time allowing powerful analysis of that data.
  • Facilitates the monitoring and tracking of pupil attainment over time.
  • 'Offline' data entry is available after Assessment Manager Marksheets have been exported to Excel spreadsheets. These are easily imported back into the system

In addition to this, ICT Services have created a set of templates, in conjunction with the Primary strategy advisors and the Assessment team, which can be imported into AM7, and once marksheets have been created then assessments can be entered for each of the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms for English, Maths, Science and ICT. This data can then be analysed and reported on in a variety of ways simply by running SIMS reports. These reports generate numbers of children at each level, plus distribution sheets showing the children’s names, as well as graphs and progress tracking reports, all with just a few clicks of a mouse! These reports will be of particular use to head teachers, assessment coordinators, teachers and governors.

Any school who is interested in learning more about AM7 should contact:
MIS Service Desk
Tel: 01438 844777 choosing option 1, then option 1 again


For all AM7 Guidance, reports and templates, please visit: