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Phonics Phases & Reading Progression Toolkits

Working with the HfL Teaching & Learning Advisors, ICT Services have created 2 toolkits for Literacy:

•             The Phonic Phases Toolkit allows you to track pupil progress across the 6 phases, as detailed in ‘Letters & Sounds’, on a half termly basis.  The accompanying reports display distribution sheets that provide a visual presentation of the progress made by the pupils, along with further analyses (such as vulnerable group data).

•             The Reading Progression Toolkit allows you to track pupil progress using the coloured Book Bands, on a half termly basis.  The first accompanying report is a distribution sheet that provides a visual presentation of the progress made by the pupils.  There is also a comparative report that will check the National Curriculum level and Phonic Phase assessment against the Book Band for each pupil to check for possible disparity, thus promoting robust assessment in Reading.

Below you will find flyers that provide further details.  Should you choose to purchase both toolkits together we may apply a slight discount to the combined price.  Please contact the ICT Services Desk, as detailed on the flyers, for further information.

Please note that the Reading Progression Toolkit is currently being updated to map the Book Band assessments to the new HfL Steps, instead of the previous National Curriculum Levels. Schools using the Toolkit will be notified when the update is available.

Please follow this link to see details of HfL Literacy Consultancy, Training and CPD Courses

Documents for Download


Documents for download

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school in schools only...


Phonic Phases Toolkit Instructions



Reading Progression Toolkit Instructions



Phonic Phases Toolkit Flyer


Reading Progression Toolkit Flyer




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