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School Census

DfE Fileset






DfE Fileset

Please be aware that Capita have named the fileset 602 as Spring instead of Summer. Please be assured fileset 0602 is for the the Summer Census.

For instructions on how to download and import the fileset please refer to your Census document.

What is School Census

The submission of a School Census return, including a set of named pupil records, is a statutory requirement on schools under section 537A of the Education Act 1996. The reason for putting School Census on a statutory basis is only partly to help ensure compliance by schools. It also means that schools do not need to obtain parental or pupil consent to the provision of information and schools are protected from any legal challenge that they are breaching a duty of confidence to pupils.

School Census

In order to incorporate termly surveys, ie Attendance and Exclusions, it is necessary to collect data three times a year in a Autumn, Spring and Summer Census. Exclusions and attendance data are used to monitor schools’ performance in these areas and, to enable any necessary timely interventions to be made, must be collected and reported on a termly basis.

These are all data items that a well run school would be expected to keep up to date on an event driven basis and so their collection should not be an additional burden to schools. Different modules will be collected in each Census. Your school’s MIS software will be able to extract from your MIS the relevant data items for each census.


Known Issues











Documents for Download


Documents for download




S1581 - School Census FAQs



S1635 - School Census Summer 2017 (Pri/Spec/Nurs)



S1629 – School Census Summer 2017 Secondary (including Middle deemed Secondary), All through and Pupil Referral Units



Validation Errors and Resolutions for School Census 2016-2017 (Capita Document 7.172)




W154 – Post 16 Prior Attainment

Prior Attainment from 2015 does not populate to 2016 in Tools | Statutory Return Tools | Update Prior Attainment. Capita have produced a SIMS report definition to obtain 2015 data. They have also produced a patch which can populate 2015 data into 2016. Please see attached document W154. The SIMS report definition is also available here for import into SIMS.



S1608 - Post 16 Autumn Census 2016

This guide has been provided to enable you to make the necessary preparations for the Post 16 element of the Autumn 2016 School Census return.

Please also see useful links and documents.

DfE Link - Funding education for 16- to 19-year-olds          

DfE Link - Evidencing Study Programmes




DfE Census Preparation and Guidance

Use this link for up to date DfE information on School Census


Catholic School Census

Catholic schools are reminded that the Catholic Education Service conduct their own census on the same day as the January DfE School Census. This census is supported in SIMS, which provides most of the information required. For further advice on how to prepare this census and return the census file to the Catholic Education Service, please refer directly to the Catholic Education Service Census support website at

Funding Guidance New

Please refer to the EFA Funding Guidance for full guidance


SITSS Created SIMS Reports


Report contents



School Census SITSS Missing Marks for DOB Range report

You can run this report from SIMS with the following parameters for Summer 2017:

Attendance between – 01/01/2017 – 16/04/2017

Date of Birth between – 01/09/2000 – 31/08/2012



School Census Pre-check Reports

All Phases



School Census EAL Report - Please note this report runs from the group focus.



Downloading and Importing Report files




School Census - SEN Review

August 2015

Post 16 Learner Agreement report. If you imported these reports last year and amended them to suit your needs they should work fine this year. If you did not use them last year and want to start using them this year, then last years version should be imported and then edited to ensure working reflects the advice given in your school.

August 2015

Reports for Secondary schools to show number of periods per week for classes of Year 12 and 13

Please note these reports are not specific and should continue to work for future academic years

When running these reports please specify a date when the students were on roll.



Reports for Secondary Schools to check Course Numbers