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SIMS Release Notes

SIMS 2014 Autumn 2 Upgrade

We are pleased to let you know that the SIMS 2014 Autumn 2 Upgrade is now available.  This upgrade will be required to enable schools to complete the Spring School Census for your phase on 15th January 2015 so must be applied BEFORE then.

Additional Important Release Information

Any new functionality or issues identified with the release will be noted here and you should make sure that these are passed on to the person who deals with this particular area of the software in your school

School Report

The new School Report provides an instant overview of your school, based on the latest data held in SIMS, enabling the monitoring of key measures in the school.  This gives school leadership and governors an insight into areas of strength and weakness, and helps to inform their decisions.  Please refer to the document attached to the email for further information on the new report and details of some workshops we are running in January 2015.

SIMS Services Manager (SSM)

As part of the SIMS Autumn upgrade a new product called SIMS Services Manager (SSM) will be installed on your database server.  This is a product that will manage the link between SIMS and cloud-based products such as InTouch, Agora and SIMS Teacher App.  For most schools there will be NO NEED to interact with this product at the moment.  For school using InTouch, following the upgrade, SSM will need to be launched and set up.  See below for further details.

The installation process will also silently install .NET Framework 4.5.2 on the SIMS SQL Server.  It will NOT force a re-start of the machine and it will NOT be rolled out to workstations.  You will need a minimum of 2Gb free hard disk space on the Server in order to install the new .NET framework.


If you use InTouch you will need to follow the instructions attached to the email sent to you, in the order listed here, to migrate InTouch from VPN and IIS over to the new SIMS Services Manager (see above):

  1. InTouch 1 – Upgrade Services – This document will guide you through migrating over to the new SSM.
  2. InTouch 2 – Scheduler Service – If your school has not yet installed and configured the Scheduler Service we would recommend that you do so.  Please be aware that if this service is not installed users are still presented with the option to ‘Send Later’, however the messages will not be sent.
  3. InTouch 3 – Release Note – If your school has installed the Scheduler Service previously, please use the steps on pages 5 and 6 of this document to upgrade the service to the latest version.

Part of the process for setting up the SSM requires you to enter a licence key and farm id.  These details will have already been sent to Capita supported InTouch schools and a separate email will be sent today to ICT Services supported InTouch schools.  If by the end of today (11/12/2014) you have not received these details, please contact the relevant Service Desk.

New DfE validation fileset for School Census Spring 2015

The SIMS Autumn 2014 Release includes Fileset 180 for School Census.  However, Capita have subsequently provided a later DfE fileset – fileset 184 – which includes the latest School Census Spring 2015 DfE Validation and Summary Report file.  Once the upgrade to the SIMS Autumn 2014 release has completed, you should import the new fileset, which can be found together with instructions at

Financial Services

The FMS Autumn 2014 release is currently being tested by Financial Services’ .  We will email schools separately when this upgrade is made available to schools.


The SIMS Discover Autumn 2014 Upgrade is now available.  If you have Discover installed we will be emailing you separately with details on how to download and upgrade Discover.  Discover should be upgraded immediately AFTER the SIMS Autumn Upgrade as the transfer of data will cease to work until both are on the same version.

NovaT6 Satellite Installations

There is an update to NovaT6 in this release so please can you ensure that all satellite versions of NovaT6 are on version 6.31 after the Autumn 2014 Upgrade.  To check this, please ask the user to open NovaT6 and go to Help > About and the version number will be displayed.

If they need to upgrade please see the document S1257 - Upgrade and Install Nova T6 on the HGfL at

SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG)

We have completed the SLG upgrade and so schools using SLG are able to process the SIMS 2014 Autumn 2 Upgrade now.

Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Users

If you are running SIMS on a Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 workstation, you may encounter difficulties when attempting to open PDF files in SIMS.  For full details of the issue and how to rectify, please refer to the first item on Page 3 in the Full Release Notes, hyperlinked below.

Microsoft Office Support

As per previous communications, please be aware that Microsoft Office 2003 is no longer supported by SIMS.  This means that Capita will not guarantee SIMS Reporting, etc. will function correctly if you have yet to upgrade to Office 2007 or later.


Full Release Notes can be found at:

Please ensure that you check the SITSS Website regularly for details of any further enhancements/issues at: