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Dinner Money

Capita Dinner Money

Software updates and telephone support via the Service Desk for Primary and Special Schools. Dinner Money

Dinner Money provides the school with an auditable dinner money system by:

  • Recording the collection of dinner money and generating banking forms.
  • Producing kitchen statistics broken down into meal types.
  • producing the necessary kitchen statistics for Hertfordshire Catering.

Producing statements for children listing all daily actions and monies credited, producing a current balance.



Documents for Download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school



DMS003 - End of Year Procedures 2018 Dinner Money

It is vital that these procedures are carried out before the start of the new academic year, 01/09/2018. You must have created your new academic year 2018/2019 in SIMS as explained in document DMS001, before working through this document. Schools that do not complete this document before entering meals in the autumn term will need help from Data Management Services – Please note that this may take some time and may be chargeable.




DMS123 - Increasing Meal Prices in SIMS

Herts Catering Ltd have sent all of their schools a letter informing them that as of April 6th 2019, there will be an increase in their charging price to schools for meals. Please follow this document for guidance to ensure your SIMS database reflects these changes.



W159 – Creating a Jacket Potato Meal Type

Herts Catering have introduced a Jacket Potato Meal Type into their Pupil Choice menu for the Summer term. If you wish to record this option in SIMS you will need to follow the steps highlighted in in this document.



S1204 - DM7 Quick Guides 2017


ICT Services created SIMS Reports in schools only...


Report contents

All the files below are only available within a Hertfordshire school


Photo Report for Kitchen

This report will show pupil photographs, along with their Dietary Needs, Medical Conditions and Medical Notes, ensuring any allergies or other pertinent dietary information can be displayed in the kitchen. Please check the report before printing as some pupils’ information may spill over into the next column/page. If this happens, click above the photo of the affected record and press CTRL+ENTER (to insert a Page Break).