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Resource Information

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school


Classroom Response Systems (Voting Systems)

With a voting system, each student gets a handset and can feedback views, answers or data to a receiver and software on your computer. It’s a bit like the audience poll on “Who wants to be a millionaire?”.

The software records the students’ responses. It produces and can present reports, graphs and marksheets.


Interactive Whiteboards

There are a many different interactive whiteboards on the market and the range is changing rapidly as new products are introduced.



A visualiser is a powerful digital camera device that points downwards. It is connected to an LCD projector and/or your computer, enabling the teacher or presenter to display objects, documents, pictures etc with superb clarity.

Most visualisers allow you to zoom in and out, and when connected to a PC capture the image as a digital photograph or a video clip.


Digital Cameras


Display Technologies


Sound Resources