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SEN Functionality

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DMS137 - Provisions that Support the Code of Practice

The HfL Achievement Advisers (SEND) recommend that the SEN Provisions Type list should be amended to reflect the special educational provision offered by your school.

The support outlined in section 6.28 in the code of practice may be helpful when reviewing and managing special educational provision.

Some examples of how a SENCO could do this are shown document W144.



W142 - Do you have Pupils on an SEN staus of MON - Monitoring

The use of MON has never been a statutory code for SEN, however MON was included many years ago as an option in the Hertfordshire Inclusion Register before rigorous monitoring and tracking systems were embedded in whole school practice. The new SEN Code of Practice is clear that there should only be a single ‘SEN support’ category (code K) alongside the two codes for pupils who have a Statement or EHC plan (S or E).