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School Workforce Census


6550Q – At least one staff record in this school’s return should show a role of SENCO

There is no need to create a new contract for this role. Please add an additional role of SEN Co-ordinator in the role panel within the staff’s contract. The DfE expect the SENCo role to be undertaken by a classroom teacher so the role panel will contain both roles, Classroom Teacher and SENCo. If this person is not a member of the teaching staff you will get another query regarding post and role inconsistent please see below.

4722Q & 4723Q – Post appears to be inconsistent with Role Identifier

These queries are often as a result of the role of Instructor selected in the role panel of a contract for a member of the support team. The DfE have validated the role of Instructor to be associated with a member of the teaching staff. Please use the role of Other pupil support.

These queries will also be generated where the role of SENCo is not a classroom teacher, please explain on the authorisation notes panel available when authorising your return or on Collect if you are an academy.

Documents for download in schools only...


Documents for download

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school


DMS055 SWC FAQs and Known Issues



DMS047 SWC 2018 Prepare, Create and Send



DfE School Workforce Census 2018



DMS050 - SWC Personnel Health Check

For all schools Academies, Secondary, Primary, Nursery, Special and PRU’s



Collect Guide for Academies and Free Schools


Minimum notepad entries for SWC Queries



Capita Validation Errors and Resolutions



S854 - Personnel Handbook

ICT Services created SIMS Reports in schools only...


Report contents

All the files below can only be downloaded from within a Hertfordshire school



SWC Reports 2018

These reports are designed to help schools check the data held in SIMS prior to running a SWC return on the 8th November 2018.

Instructions on how to import reports in SIMS can be found in document W008 downloadreps.pdf