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iPad Support (ADMS)

Apple Announcement - September 2014

As users may already be aware, following Apple's recent announcement, the latest version of their mobile operating system - "iOS8", has been released to the public this week.

From this point forwards, all new iPads, iPods and iPhones will be shipped with iOS8 pre installed, and all existing devices will prompt users to install the update.  Whilst the installation of this update should not be possible when devices are connected in schools, it will be possible for the update to be downloaded and installed if any users take devices offsite, and connect them to home internet services.

ICT Services advise schools not to upgrade to iOS8 at this time, until we have completed testing of the update, to ensure it works in educational environments.

Apple also announced their latest OSX operating system for Macs - OSX10.10 Yosemite, which is due to be released this autumn. ICT Services again advise schools not to upgrade to this version, until testing of it has been completed.

Following ICT Services testing of these updates, we will notify schools via the Grid and the ICT Services "@SITSSApple" Twitter feed on how to proceed.

Please do not hesitate to contact the ICT Services Service Desk if you have any queries about this matter (01438 844777, option 1, option 3).


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Apple Device Management

Having difficulty setting up and managing your Apple iOS devices?

Well ICT Services have an answer to this problem!

We have created a service to set up your iOS devices (iPod Touch or iPad) with the necessary settings, connectivity, security and apps to maximise your investment and get them working to their full potential in the classroom.



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