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ICT Services Site Map

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Computer Management

Network Design & Commissioning

Wireless Networks

Leasing / Rental Arrangements

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Computer Purchase

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iPad Support

PC Disposal

MIS healthcheck

Training courses

Support, contracts & services 

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Service desk

SIMS calendar

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Achievement, Behaviour & Attendance Managers


News & Events

Case Studies

Primary Behaviour

Secondary Behaviour

Lesson Monitor

Assessment Co-ordinators

Case Studies

Assessment Managers Primary

General Information

AM7 Guidance

EYFS Progress Toolkit

Phonic Phases Toolkit

Assessment Manager Secondary, Middle & Special

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End of Key Stages & Foundation Stage


Admin Data Managers

SIMS Student Data Administration

SIMS Reporting

DfE Secure Access

Pupil School Census

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End of Year Procedures

'New' Administrators & Managers Primary

User Groups All Phases

Software Installations, Upgrades & Backups


Exam officers

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Results Information


Dinner Money Wisepay Finance Officers

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Dinner Money

Finance Modules

WisePay Payments

Headteachers, Senior Leaders Governors

Head Teachers & Senior Leaders


ICT Coordinators

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Resource Information

INCO & SENCO coordinators

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Inclusion List

SEN Forms Populated from SIMS

SEN Reports Populated from SIMS

SIMS Updates and New Features

Special School Placement Sheet

Special School Electronic Class Organisation Return (SECOR)

MIS System Managers

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Discover Installation and Updates

System_Manager 7

Electronic Transfers

Upgrades, Installations & Maintenance

Personnel Coordinators

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Hints & Tips

Pay Related Definitions


Personnel Reports

Privacy Notice

Recording Staff Absences
Sec & Middle

School Workforce Census

Staff Performance

Schools Single Central Record

SIMS & Parental Engagement

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Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Technical / Network Managers

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Anti-Virus Information

Discover Installation and Updates

Upgrades, Installations & Maintenance

Children Looked After Attendance

Electronic Transfer

Timetable, Options & cover managers

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Academic Management


Curriculum Planning & Timetable Consultancy

Nova T6


Satellite or Standalone Maintenance

Timetable Cycle

Timetabling Advice