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The videos listed on this page are published in various places around the ICT Services site.

The links will take you to the page in the site that the video can be viewed from.



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April 2013

Teachers & Data Managers

A Video Guide to the SIMS Homepage (applicable from version 7.150 – Spring 2013)

A Video guide to the SIMS Student Teacher View (applicable from version 7.150 – Spring 2013)

December 2012

Assessment Coordinators

Creating a Venn Diagram in Discover

This is a short video showing the process for creating a Venn diagram from data in Discover

November 2012

Assessment Coordinators

Case Study: Using AM7 Templates & Reports

In this short video the Deputy Head David Harries describes how the use of the Hertfordshire AM7 templates and reports has helped the school to fully understand their own data, and how it provided key data for the inspection.

Link to Windermere Primary School Case Study

August 2011

Achievement: Behaviour & Attendance Managers

Case Study: Maximising Pupils Attendance Pilot

Featherstone Wood school took part in the Maximising Pupils Attendance Pilot in 20010/11 and for your convenience the Headteacher Carol Pratt has provided a short video of the schools experience. 

Link to Featherstone Wood School Case Study