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Curriculum Planning & Timetable Consultancy

Timetabling Flyerpack


Consultancy Options include:
  • Practical Timetable Help – Support for the School Timetabler
  • Practical Timetable Help – Construction and/or Maintenance of the School Timetable
  • Principles of Timetabling
  • Efficient use of Nova-T6
  • Curriculum Modelling
  • Problem Solving Timetable Service
  • School Timetable Analysis
  • Options Training
  • Transferring the timetable from Paper to Nova-T6
  • Hertfordshire Curriculum Analysis

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Curriculum Analysis

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ICT Services Timetable Consultancy Service

ICT Services offers a range of timetable consultancy options. For details download the timetabling flyerpack.

Please see the set of flyers in this pack for more details on the training currently available. In addition, we are always available to visit school to provide on-site consultancy tailored specifically for your school needs.

Free Planning Consultation for SLT / SAPG One hour consultation for SLT/SAPG on how these consultancy offers may assist staff, within schools, to achieve the most effective support for those responsible for timetable construction or curriculum management.

For further information please contact:
Jim Borcherds, MIS Adviser
(Please mark it for the attention of Jim Borcherds) or
Tel: 01438 844777 option 1 then option 1

The Business of Improving the School Timetable

Designed to provide an in‑depth analysis of the current school/academy timetable. The service is for governors, headteachers and business managers and provides an overview of the current timetable, including future recommendations.

The benefits of a review are as follows:-

  • improvement to the quality of the school timetable, resulting in better timetables for students, parents/carers and teachers. This in turn may improve teaching and learning, educational experiences for students, the working week for teachers and help parents support their children.
  • assurance that SIMS Nova-T6 timetabling software is being used to maximum potential
  • improved financial efficiency of the school timetable, potentially resulting in cost savings for the school