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 Child Protection Procedures

The Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board (HSCB) agrees how the relevant organisations in Hertfordshire will cooperate to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and ensure effectiveness. The HSCB CP procedures set out the arrangements for all agencies to work together to safeguard children.

A key objective for the HSCB is to support parents and carers to provide a safe and stable family life for children and young people. It also supports organisations that provide services to reduce the likelihood of children and young people suffering accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination, crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Designated Senior Person, Headteacher and Governing Body are required to be familliar with these HSCB Protection Procedures. A copy should be readily available within school.

The online Hertfordshire Safeguarding Children Board Inter-agency Child Protection and Safeguarding Children Procedures Manual is available on the HSCB website at:


Munro Review -  HSCB Briefing - June 2011

The final report and recommendations of the Munro report on safeguarding have strong implications for all agencies working to safeguard children. 

The HSCB has written a briefing on this Review which is available below: