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Child Abuse

DfE – Together, we can tackle child abuse: support our national campaign Family lives logo

Together, we can tackle child abuse is a Government campaign, led by the Department for Education. It encourages members of the public to help protect children and young people by reporting any concerns of abuse or neglect to their local council.

Please take a look at the attached resources and the links below to see how your school or college can support the campaign.

NSPCC - Speak out. Stay safe. Programme

Child-friendly, interactive assemblies and workshops for 5-11 year olds.

Helping children to:


Together, we can tackle child abuse - About the campaign
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DfE campaign website
Campaign resource information

Family Support

Family lives logoFamily Support Resource for School Leadership Teams and Teachers

This online guide helps school leadership teams to devise an effective strategy for working with pupils' families - particularly those that need the most help and support. This guide has clear advice on how to have conversations with parents about difficult issues, and a comprehensive guide to national support organisations that school staff can refer parents to free of charge. 

Support for separating families (05/02/16)

Public information materials for organisations that support separating families, including the mediation sector and advice organisations.

Substance Misuse September 2017

Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance misuse – Resource for schools

This resource has been developed for the Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service (ADEPIS) by Adfam, the national umbrella organisation for those working with and for families affected by drugs and alcohol, and is intended to be a useful tool to help schools in safeguarding their pupils.

The purpose of this resource

When schools and teachers think about ‘drugs’, they may often initially focus on incidents on school grounds and how to respond to them, students at risk of using substances, or perhaps about drug education.

However, substance use can impact the lives of young people in many ways, especially if they are affected by problematic drug or alcohol use in their own homes. This resource aims to summarise the key issues for children affected by parental substance use, and how schools can consider supporting them.

It is aimed primarily at school governors and headteachers, but will also be relevant to members of staff with particular pastoral care duties, including school nurses, Education Welfare Officers, and anyone identified as a Designated Senior Person (DSP) for child protection in schools.

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The RECOVER Pack - Information for Professionals Working with Families affected by Substance Misuse

A resource aimed at professionals who work with families affected by substance misuse. One of the main aims of the National Drugs Strategy (2008-2018) is to prevent harm to children, young people and families affected by drug misuse.  At a local level the Hertfordshire Drugs Strategy (2008-2011) acknowledges the importance of addressing the needs of the whole family as a key to successfully reducing the risk of inter-generational offending and substance misuse.

In a recent service review, undertaken by the Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Partnership, it was identified that those services working with vulnerable adults were unfamiliar with local family services in the area. 

The RECOVER pack has been developed in consultation with colleagues including Integrated Practice Teams, Adult Drug Services and Think Family leads.  Its aim is to provide services working with families with a comprehensive guide to encourage a holistic approach.  This approach can help to enhance the treatment given, enable providers to ‘think family’ more effectively and bridge gaps between adult and family services.  It also responds to concerns regarding adolescent drug use, safeguarding children and caring responsibilities.

The pack has been designed to set out some of the services that are available for young people, adult service users and for wider families and carers of all ages and can be download below:

Recover Pack
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