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Child Protection Contact Form

How to Make a Child Protection Contact to Hertfordshire Children’s Services

Hertfordshire have developed a new online form which will revolutionise how professionals make contacts about children.

To ensure this project delivered what you wanted, we talked to Education, Health, Probation, Childrens Centres and Police leads to agree what the user needs were. 

You told us you wanted the following:

  • I want to know my contact has been sent, received and stored securely.
  • I want my contact handled quickly and effectively by the right team.
  • I want the ability to save and print a copy of the contact for my records.
  • I want to be able to attach documents to the contact.
  • I will be given a ref number to use at a later date if I need it.

From the 28th May 2019 the new form will achieve all of these outcomes and more!

Our aim;

  • To provide you with a user friendly experience.
  • To give you a simplified process and structured format for informing us of concerns about a child.
  • To reduce the amount of repeat or chase up enquiries you have to make.
  • To inform you what we need to progress a contact into a referral.

Benefits – We currently receive approximately 9,000 enquiries each month by phone and e-mail.  We anticipate this number reducing over time!

How to access/use the form

  • The form will be located online at
  • You must create an account first.  This is a simple process to sign up. 
  • Departments can choose how many accounts they need.
  • Once signed up, you can submit as many contacts as needed on the one account.
  • There are 8 sections to the form, ranging from “professional contact details” through to “reason for the contact”.
  • There are mandatory fields, meaning we need this information from you.  You will not be able to submit the form until we have this information. 
  • Once submitted, you will receive a reference number which is unique to the contact made, you can track your contact using the 0300 123 4043 number. 
  • Watch our simple guidance video and to learn more about the form

Watch this space for more developments about the contact form.


This page was reviewed by the Child Protection Team 08/8/2019.