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Meeting the Needs of Children and Families in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire's Meeting the Needs Threshold Document sets clear criteria for the different levels of intervention that children and families may require. It will support practitioners in making decisions on how best to respond to the needs of children and families.

All agencies in the county are required to work to the thresholds as set out in this document. It is therefore important that practitioners in Hertfordshire have a clear understanding of the threshold guidance and how it applies to their work, and that it is consistently used across the county. The document includes a new, simplified, ‘Continuum of Needs’ diagram and a clearer indication of the differences between universal, targeted and specialist needs. The document is intended purely as a guide and is not a substitute for professional judgement. You can download a copy of the document using the link below:

Meeting the Needs of Children and Families in Hertfordshire


Child Protection Referral Form and Service Request Forms

There are two forms for individual service requests:

1. Child protection referral form

2. Single service request (SSR)

The Service Request form is used to access a single service. The services available Children’s Services are:

  • Integrated Services for Learning
  • Targeted Advice Service
  • Targeted Youth Support Services
  • Thriving Families
  • Young Carers

If more than one area of need is identified, the practitioner should then complete a Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

The forms are available to download from the website at:

Advice on generating the single service request form from can be found on the SITSS web pages at: