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The Education Support Teams for Medical Absence (ESTMA) support children and young people who are unable to attend school temporarily because of medical reasons. The teams work closely with the school to minimise the disruption to the child’s education and to support their re-integration as soon as possible. As well as schools the teams work with parents, pupils and other professionals to ensure children and young people’s education continues as normally as possible.

Contacts for ESTMA and support is available here:

ESTMA Contacts
CS3956 - Access to Education for Children and Young People Unable to Attend School for Medical Reasons


Access to support and advice about individual children from any of our teams in ISL is through a service request form with the exception of requests for statutory assessments of SEN which should go through the established Hertfordshire processes.

The ISL teams will also attend Team Around The Family (TAFs) meetings when appropriate as part of the Common Assessment Framework and Early Support.

To access the Service Request Form and guidance please go to: