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Statutory or Mandatory Requirements

Statutory Policies

The Department for Education's statutory policies for schools document outlines the policies and other documents governing bodies are legally required to hold.

The document makes clear how often each policy must be reviewed and was updated in October 2012 to show:

  • the level of approval required, where this is prescribed in regulations; and
  • a new section to make clear the policies referenced in statutory guidance. 

Academies and Free Schools have greater freedoms than maintained schools in relation to school policies and other documents. Where relevant, arrangements applying to these schools are noted against each entry.


DfE Mandatory Requirements Implementation Timelines

Implementation timelines for schools and colleges that make clear when mandatory requirements are coming into force and include other important information to help school leaders, governors and teachers plan for the year ahead.


Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment is a systematic method of measuring and recording the effect of school policies, activities, initiatives and changes on the differing groups found in the workforce, school population and in the community. The Equality Impact Assessment needs to be tailored to the needs of the individual institution and the LA strongly encourages schools to work with the authority to devise and develop their own impact assessment.

A full and detailed briefing on how schools can carry out an Equality Impact Assessment is contained in the Herts Equality Update - June 2009 available:

For further advice and support on equality issues contact the Schools Equalities Adviser: