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Promoting Your School

The Need to Promote Your School

The aim of communications and public relations is simple to define – to ensure that everyone who has any interest in your school receives a regular flow of the type of positive information you wish them to receive.

The reason that public relations is so important for schools is simple: many schools suffer from parental rumour. Many of the “school gate stories” that circulate have no basis in reality – but they are circulated by parents talking to each other as they drop off and pick up the children, by pupils and students who bring stories home, and by parents who meet in social settings through the week and increasingly through social media.

By not engaging in communications and PR, schools run the risk of giving these stories free reign. It is not that schools should be contradicting the gossip, but rather that they should use communications and PR to ensure that they control most of the agenda.

Is important to recognise how quickly the world can change. One bad piece of publicity can change the way parents see the school very quickly – and if the school is not already set up for regular communications this is difficult to control.

Organising Your Celebration Event
Template press release for your school opening

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