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Last updated 12th September, 2017

Headteacher and Deputy forums

Heads' Learning Forum

Monday 25 September 2017 1pm to 3pm (Free)
Monday 27 November 2017 1pm to 3pm (Free)

(Free session but please book online - hosted at Mill Green Museum, Hatfield).

Deputy & Assistant Heads' Learning Forum

Thursday 28 September 2017 1.15pm to 3.15pm (Free
Thursday 30 November 2017 1.15pm to 3.15pm (Free)

(Free sessions but please book online - hosted at Cranborne Primary School, Potters Bar).

Headteacher and Deputy forums Autumn 2017


Budget Pressures Toolkit for Schools - Feb 2016

With more and more pressure being put on school budgets due to factors including inflated costs, increase in pension contributions and National Insurance, Herts for Learning has developed a ‘Budget Pressures Toolkit’ aimed at providing and sharing information about how to manage school’s finance in these circumstances.

Budget pressures toolkit for schoolsThe toolkit brings together key questions and approaches intended for the senior leadership team, governors and school business managers (SBMs) to help each school develop bespoke solutions to the budget pressures currently across the system.

It pinpoints areas for schools to consider and focus on key issues that are affecting schools in the coming financial year. People are encouraged to add to the toolkit and it will act as a central resource of best practice across Hertfordshire.

Thought-provoking video clips, of headteachers, SBMs and HfL colleagues are available to aid reflection and could be a useful input for discussion and training.

The new resource is on the Herts for Learning website and is free for all schools.

Leadership of SEN /Self Evaluation

The aptGO is an innovative audit and planning school improvement tool focusing on special educational needs and disability (SEND) At the end of the day you have a clear picture of your current practice explored in detail through the Ofsted framework. A full report will be providing summarising baseline judgement and next steps for each area. The cost of the day is 750 including all materials, facilitator and full report.

Feedback from Hertfordshire Headteachers:

"It was a very well run and useful day. It helped us get a clear view of our present practices and allowed us to make an evidenced-based judgement against current Ofsted criteria. Despite a very large agenda the day was timed to perfection and we left with a useful and workable tool."

"Thank you very much for getting this report to me so quickly. We have just shared it with the SLT and on reflection, we found yesterday such a beneficial day. It was a very productive day and has given us real 'food for thought' as well as very clear actions as to how we can move forwards at ( school). We found it a very positive day and I would highly recommend the audit to any school."

To register for aptGo contact the Eastern Partnership on 01438 845734 or email

or visit:


National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers (Jan 2015)

The National Standards of Excellence for Headteachers define high standards which are applicable to all headteacher roles within a self - improving school system. These standards are designed to inspire public confidence in headteachers, raise aspirations, secure high academic standards in the nation’s schools, and empower the teaching profession. These standards replace the National Standards for Headteachers 2004. Download from the DfE website at:


Outstanding Primary School Leadership in England

A research report detailing the findings of a study of outstanding primary school leadership. A report and supporting documents examining a sample of schools, many operating in challenging circumstances. It aims to understand what part leadership, including governance, plays in their success.


School Improvement Strategy for Hertfordshire - April 2014

The Hertfordshire school improvement strategy 2014-17 sets out the vision, aims and priorities to ensure a step change in improved performance for Hertfordshire schools, children and young people for the future.


New Headteacher Induction

The Hertfordshire induction programme for new headteachers is designed to assist the process of initiation to headship, introduce colleagues (where appropriate) to Hertfordshire County Council Children's Services, and support colleagues in balancing the practical demands of their new role with personal leadership development.