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Key Questions to Support Data Analysis and Self-Evaluation 2018 KS1 and KS2


Spreadsheets for converting KS2 test scores into 'fine' points scores and levels

The following spreadsheets can be used to determine the Average Points Score at KS2 of pupils, on the basis of the marks they scored in KS2 tests.


These spreadsheets have been removed, as the DfE has adjusted the methodology for calculating the prior attainment for use in Progress 8. The spreadsheets were therefore not giving exactly the right outcome.

(The adjustment is as follows - the fine level point scores for English and maths are first rounded to 2 decimal places before being averaged. For some pupils, this difference may be significant.)

For schools that use SIMS, there is a SIMS Capita resource which correctly uses the English and maths test scores and levels to calculate the KS2 Average Fine Level. Please refer to your SIMS support unit for more information.


Spreadsheet for converting KS1 levels into points scores

The following spreadsheet can be used to calculate points scores on the basis of pupils' KS1 assessment levels.

This tool has now been updated to reflect the change in methodology for calculating KS1 APS, in which the mathematics outcome is double-weighted. It is available from:

Understanding EYFSP Data