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Behaviour & Safety Update - Autumn 2013

Since September 2012 a single set of Teachers' Standards define the minimum level of practice expected of teachers. Under the current inspection framework, Ofsted have significantly increased their focus on:

  • systematic, skilled and consistent behaviour management by all staff;
  • pupil engagement, interest, concentration, determination, resilience and independence;
  • attitudes to learning and conduct in lessons and around the school.


DfE 4 July 2013: Teacher Voice Omnibus


Where do we stand with SEAL?

Behaviour is a government priority and cannot be solved purely by increasing headteachers' powers to discipline or exclude pupils with challenging behaviour. Schools still need to work on the social and emotional needs of their pupils if behaviour is to be improved.

Following his role in the SEAL evaluation, Professor Neil Humphrey was asked about the future of SEAL… 'although the coalition no longer endorse SEAL, their overarching message is about school autonomy and choice - so schools can still choose to use it if they find it to be of value.'

For many schools SEAL has become a well-established tried and tested method of developing social and emotional skills with pupils. It is anticipated that the primary SEAL resources contained on this site will support your school in building an evidence base that social and emotional learning works not only on improving behaviour but on increasing attainment too.