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September 2015

Maple Grove School

Maple Grove Primary school currently has 5 Traveller children on roll. The Traveller children are well integrated into the school, are achieving well academically and are transferring to secondary school. All staff know the Traveller families and individual pupils very well. The journey to this positive position has taken several years of hard work from the school. Traveller children had previously faced hostility and name calling from some of their peers and there was limited integration of the Traveller pupils into the school. …..Read Case Study

Traveller Children

June 2015

Catholic School

The three boys from one family came to us in Year 7 and all three achieved GCSEs last summer. They were proud to be the first Travellers to do this in our school. Although Mum had not attended school until she was ten years old, she was very keen to learn and wanted her children to attend school. The boys’ parents were very supportive on the phone and backed the school whenever there was a discipline issue. …..Read Case Study

Traveller Children

June 2015

Wormley C of E Primary School

Wormley Primary school has had White Irish Traveller (WIRT) pupils on roll for many years but more recently Roma Travellers (WROM) have joined the school. The majority of the WIRT & some of the WROM reside on a nearby privately owned caravan site. The other Travellers are housed. The school has an inclusive ethos which welcomes and values children from all backgrounds. …..Read Case Study

Traveller Children

May 2015

Hertfordshire Primary School (Three Rivers)

This is a school that has had Traveller children on roll for many years. Currently there are pupils of Irish Traveller Heritage attending the school. The school aims to be a child centred inclusive school where everyone is valued and there are consistent high expectations of everyone…..Read Case Study

Traveller Children

April 2015

Howe Dell School

Howe Dell has both Travellers of Irish Heritage and Gypsy Roma heritage on roll. Families from these communities have attended the school for many years and the school works hard with the families to get the best educational outcomes for their children.....Read Case Study

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