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Useful Web Links

National Association of Teachers of Travellers and other interested professionals (NATT+)

National Association of Teachers of Travellers & other interested professionals (NATT +). NATT + is a professional organisation for professionals  to share good practice,  information about their activities, projects and resources.

Traveller Times Online

Traveller Times online gives the latest  news, pictures, video, opinion and resources from within the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities.

National Fairground Archive
A collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material covering the culture and history of travelling showpeople, and fairground machinery. Contains useful picture gallery.

Pavee Point, Irish Traveller and Roma website
Friends Families and Travellers

Friends, families and Travellers, a registered charity seeking to end racism and discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers, whatever their ethnicity, culture or background, whether settled or mobile, and to protect the right to pursue a nomadic way of life

Acert, The Advisory Council for the Education of Romany and other Travellers