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These documents have been developed to align with the findings of the ‘Independent review of the teaching of early reading’ by Jim Rose (March 2006) and reflect the principles of effective learning and teaching.

They are designed to be completed by Headteachers in collaboration with those with responsibility for literacy in the school, drawing on the experience of practitioners as appropriate. This process will enable Headteachers and their staff to review current practice in the light of the recommendations of the Rose Report, and will also provide valuable information and evidence when undertaking self evaluation.

Early CLLD Audit (updated Sept 07)
YR CLLD Audit (updated Sept 07)
KS1 Audit (new)

Tracking Pupil's Phonics Progress

CLLD Phonic Assessment for Blending Segmenting

This sheet is designed to be used to assess a child's ability to blend and segment. It can be used in conjunction with the word banks in 'Letters and Sounds' for the phases and to support the assessment activities in appendix 3 'Letters and Sounds'.

Letters and Sounds

Phonic Progress tracking sheet - Early Years Foundation Stage to KS1