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EAL Learners

Top Tips for Supporting EAL Learners

Here are some suggestions to ensure that teaching supports pupils learning EAL in English lessons.

Y7 Curriculum for EBD Schools




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Year 7

October 2003

Medium Term Plans

Created in Partnership with Hailey Hall EBD School

ESCAPE - 6 weeks


MAKE BELIEVE - 6 weeks

MEDIA WORLD - 6 weeks

PEOPLE LIKE US - 6 weeks

TOUGH TIMES - 6 weeks


The Intervention Toolkit

Lists materials available from the DCSF to help support those students working below the average NC level for their age:

35 Strategies for Supporting Weaker Writers

Schemes of Work

Key Stages


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Close Encounters new

August 2009

Overview - 12 Week Scheme of Work – 12 Lessons

Style Challenge Lesson Plans

Style Challenge 1: Alien Abduction!

Style Challenge 2: We Come in Peace

Style Challenge 3: The Voyage

Style Challenge 4: Kenton Clarkson to the Rescue

Style Challenge 5: Success!

Style Questor's Record Book

Style Certificate of Achievement

Coaches Record Book & Lessons

Style Quest

Style Quest

Scheme of Working for English and Communication for SLD Schools in Hertfordshire (All Key Stages)

September 2003

This scheme was written in Summer 2002 by teachers from four Hertfordshire SLD schools working at each of the four key stages.  It is intended to support Medium Term Planning.
The scheme provides termly modules that will enable coverage of balance, range and progression. 

Created in Partnership with:

Mary Bradbury, Lakeside School
Tony Fenwick, Woodfield School
Jackie Joiner, Greenside School
Vibele Rowe, Amwell View School