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eLearning Resources

These resources are only available to Hertfordshire Schools.

Each resource below has an information page which explains in detail about the resource.

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  • Click on: launch the resource... to launch the resource (if you are in Hertfordshire School)

E2BN Resources

E2BN teaching and learning resourcesThe East of England Broadband Network uses broadband technologies to provide ICT-based resources. Includes Myths and Legends, Making the News, Cookit and Multimedia. Schools can gain access to the E2BN resources through an individual school subscription. More Information Access from Home Start this service

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British Pathe

Pathe NewsThere is no longer a Licence for Hertfordshire schools to download videos, however all videos can still be viewed on their website. Covers News, Sport, Social History and entertainment from 1896 to 1970. More Information Access from Home Start this service

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