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Herts Guidance

A revised guidance document is currently under construction and will be published here section by section as it becomes available. The first section on Definitions is already available:

Defining Bullying

While the new guidance is under construction the previous guidance is still accessible below.  Please note that references to DCSF guidance, Ofsted and equalities legislation are now out of date. The document remains useful to assist schools in reviewing and developing quality anti-bullying policies.

February 2012

Preventing and responding to bullying

You will be aware that a key priority of the Children and Young People’s Plan (CYPP) focuses on children and young people being confident to respond to bullying.

There are a range of actions relating to this objective and since April 2009 schools have had a duty to reflect the CYPP priorities in their own planning.

The guidance will assist you in this process.

Preventing and responding to bullying

Appendix 1: Techniques for preventing and responding to bullying

Appendix 2: Hertfordshire anti-bullying accreditation programme

Appendix 3: e-safety incident procedures

Form 1: Initial investigation into allegation of bullying

This can be downloaded from:

Form 2: Bullying Report and Monitoring Form

This can be downloaded from: