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Bounce Forward

Bounce forward logoBounce Forward is a charity that use resilience to enable teachers and students to thrive. They believe that young people are extremally resourceful and capable of fixing their own problems, they just need the tools, skills and space to work things out for themselves.

For over 10 years, Bounce Forward have proven that resilience is the essential life skill young people need to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Numerous studies also identify resilience as crucial for young people to overcome setbacks and make the most of opportunities.

The approach is to train teachers to build these competencies for themselves first, so they model and teach resilience in an authentic way. Bounce Forward design their curriculums as topics relevant to the real lives of young people, helping them to connect the learning to their personal development. Topics such as social media, relationships, problem solving and mental health.

Bounce Forward’s theory and evidence-based training has helped over 10,000 UK teachers build their own resilience and learn how to pass on the skills to their students through ideas and curriculum.

To find out about the training they offer visit their website at or call 0330 133 0776.