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Pupils, Parents & School staff who have recently attended training by the Emotional Well Being team have commented:

Protective Behaviours Foundation Level Course

"This has been an excellent course, really practical and accessible. Many thanks to Deborah for a very useful couple of days. "

Eating Disorders

"I found it interesting to learn the importance of teaching critical thinking skills in guarding against eating disorders – it feels empowering to know that there is something practical that we as teachers can do"

Self Esteem and Body Image

"Liked this session!  I think that it was very important especially for female teenagers where there is lots of pressure.  It has taught me that looks aren’t everything in life, life is for fun!  Thank you."

Restorative approaches workshop

"I have learnt to be calm in every situation …I have learnt that I could always resolve problems with using calm language"

Stress and Depression workshop

"It got us involved so was good.  Not only did it inform us about stress and depression, it told us how to prevent / deal with it."

Girl Bullying

  • "Schools need to be doing more of this personal development work rather than skills for learning" Parent
  • "I have been the target often and the workshop has helped me to cope! Thank you!" Year 6 girl

Seasons for Growth

  • "Able to express their feelings in a positive way" Parent
  • "I’m not the only one whose family has changed" Pupil
  • "How to react in bad situations" Pupil
  • "That I’m not alone anymore" Pupil

Working in partnership to support all children and young people in Hertfordshire to achieve health and wellbeing.

Improving mental health and psychological wellbeing directly affects pupils’ ability to learn effectively, achieve their potential and flourish socially and emotionally. Schools may wish to focus on aspects as part of their Hertfordshire Healthy School Programme.

We can offer brokered support to all phase schools and other settings. This includes:

  • Universal level preventative workshops for pupils
  • Staff training for whole school or specific groups such as support staff or pastoral staff

Outcomes to accessing support for emotional health and wellbeing for your school can include:

  • Greater staff awareness
  • Increased levels of confidence among staff
  • Greater capacity to intervene early
  • Improved peer and pupil / staff relationships
  • Stronger school ethos and sense of community
  • Improved behaviour and learning
  • Academic and personal achievement
  • Stronger pupil voice
  • Increased potential for partnership working
  • Reducing stigma
  • Contributing to the continuum of care
  • Improved outcomes for vulnerable individuals

For further information on consultancy, training and events please contact:

Herts for Learning
Tel: 01438 845111


















School Based Support / CPD

Who's It For



Staff Training

Mental Health Awareness

Twilight, half day, full day

Eating Disorders


Self Harm

Twilight or half day

Girl bullying and inter-friendship cruelty

Twilight to accompany rest of programme

Restorative Approaches

Twilight or half day

Bespoke whole school training, consultation or staff group work


Who's It For



Pupil Workshops

Universal, preventative

Self Esteem and body image

All girl groups or mixed groups 1-2 hour lesson

Exam Stress

Up to 1 hour for pupils or pupils and their parents.

Stress and Depression

1 hour sessions

Girl bullying and inter-friendship cruelty

5 hour long workshops for girls and 1 for boys, parent conference available

Peer listener training

Train existing or new peer supporters over half or full day

Restorative approaches

1 hour

Workshops can be developed to meet specific needs of the school


Who's It For



Group Work with Pupils

Targeted, Early Intervention

Pyramid Groups

For children who lack confidence, are awkward, withdrawn.

Seasons for Growth

A 10 week loss education programme for pupils who have suffered bereavement, family break up, a house move etc

Slowing down - getting more out of education by doing less

A 5 week programme for pupils pushing themselves too hard at school

School’s out – building self esteem and getting back into school

An early intervention group session for emerging school refusers

Protective Behaviours Groups

For vulnerable pupils

Building self esteem