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What is Emotional Wellbeing?

Our mental health and emotional well being is a bit like a set of scales. When our ability to cope is equal to the challenges we face life feels okay but when things get too much and the challenges outweigh our ability to cope we can feel low, angry, confused, alone - perhaps all of these.

Just like with physical illnesses, many mental and emotional problems could be avoided if people looked after themselves and took a few simple steps to keep their minds healthy – talking about how they feel, taking some time to relax when times are stressful, getting involved in hobbies and activities – things we know we should do, but often forget.


Children and Young People’s Mental and Emotional Health - Values and Guiding Principles

Within the current context, professionals and services may be or feel less accessible.  Change is happening around us all the time.  In such circumstances, it is important that we have some of our own resources to employ to continue to support those we work with confidently.  For these reasons, a set of Values and Guiding Principles for responding to the emotional wellbeing needs of children and young people has been developed to maintain the momentum and diligence with which the Children’s Workforce in Hertfordshire support their charges.  We hope you find them helpful.


Keeping your cool

Stay in control by making time for as many of these things as possible.  They work.

  • Smile at people (most smile back, some get frightened, but that’s funny too!)
  • Help someone (an elderly neighbour with their gardening, your mum with the shopping)
  • Nurture something (take care of a pet or help with someone else’s or grow a plant)
  • Keep a diary of good stuff (when you get a good grade, someone you fancy notices you exist, when your mate says something nice about you)
  • Exercise regularly (it really stops stress getting you down, walk, run or cycle somewhere, do some gardening)