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Children's Food TrustChildren's Food Trust

Formerly known as the School Food Trust, we started our work in 2005 and became a registered charity in 2006.

Our children must eat healthily to reach their full potential in life.

Through ensuring a balanced diet in their early years and at school, together with better family cooking skills, lifestyle and food education, the Trust exists to help protect every child’s right to eat better – and so, to do better.

They provide specialist advice, training and support to anyone who provides food for children.


Eat Better Do Better Newsletter

As part of their work, the Children's Food Trust produce a monthly newsletter, Eat Better, Do Better.  The newsletter contains a wealth of information.  The newsletters cover issues that are relevant for schools, caterers, parents and early years settings. 

We would like to encourage schools to include links to the newsletter in their own websites, newsletters and parent mail.

March 2015


Guide to the nutrient-based standards

A guide to introducing the Government's food-based and nutrient-based standards for school lunches.

The School Food Trust has produced this guide to assist everyone involved in the provision of school food. It provides information on how to meet, implement and monitor the Government’s food-based and nutrient-based standards for school lunches. This guide includes three primary school case studies showing the steps these schools took to meet the nutrient-based standards ahead of the September 2008 deadline.


Innovative mid-morning snacks

From September 2007, schools must comply with the new food-based standards for school food other than lunches. This means that cakes and biscuits can only be provided at lunch time, and can no longer be served at other times of the day. We appreciate that caterers may have concerns about this standard being implemented; however some schools have already managed the change successfully. Here are some suggestions for you to try out at your school.


Guide to the new food-based standards for food other than lunches

This guide has been produced by the School Food Trust to help deliver the new school food standards, develop food skills amongst children and young people, and bring longer term improvements to
their health and education.

The information within this guide is intended to help you introduce the new food-based standards into the wide range of food services which operate across the school day. The guide has been written on the basis of draft regulations. The legislation for these new standards will come into effect in September 2007 and it is recommended that schools start working towards them now.


Revised guide to standards for school lunches

This is a revised guide to the interim food-based standards for school lunches. It highlights the amendments to these standards that we expect to come into effect in September 2007. The guide provides the rationale for and a clear interpretation of each standard, with practical advice on how to implement them.


Parents Guide to the new standards

The Children's Food Trust has put together this guide for parents and carers. It covers standards for school lunches and or all other school food, including breakfast, mid-morning break, tuck shops, vending machines, and after-school clubs.