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What does the Wellbeing Quality Mark Offer?

The HfL Wellbeing Quality Mark offers schools:

  • A rigorous, newly revised and updated, self-evaluation and review tool
  • A structure to map current provision, develop an action plan,track and evidence commitment to wellbeing across the curriculum and the whole school culture and environment. This will support conversations with Ofsted inspectors
  • The opportunity to build on existing good practice and identify a priority area of focus and development for the year chosen from the focus themes below:
    • PSHCE and the RSE Curriculum
    • Physical wellbeing and healthy eating
    • Emotional and mental health and wellbeing
    • Anti-bullying and anti-prejudice
    • Online safety and digital wellbeing (from autumn 2018)
    • Staff wellbeing (from 2019)
  • Opportunity to attend a half day launch  meeting which introduces the self-evaluation and review tool  and processes to achieve the HfL Wellbeing Quality Mark
  • Evidence to share with parents/carers and local communities showing the school’s commitment to pupil wellbeing