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The following National Strategy resources will support pupils who have gaps in their Mathematics and English learning. These resources could support tutors in their One to One tuition planning and delivery.



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Speaking and listening, reading and writing assessment criteria for levels 1 to 8

DCSF ref: 00643-2008POS-En


The Framework for Secondary English: Overview and Learning Objectives

Information and guidance on text types


Targeting level 5 and above: teaching responses to reading

Ref: 00042-2009PDF-EN-01

Teaching for progression


Ref: 00750-2008PDF-EN-01


Ref: 00750-2008PDF-EN-02

Speaking and Listening

Ref: 00750-2008PDF-EN-03

Grammar for Reading and Writing

Ref: 00655-2008PDF-EN-01



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Assessment criteria: Number and algebra

Assessment criteria: Using and applying mathematics
Shape, space and measure
Handling data


The Framework for secondary mathematics: overview and learning objectives


From level 4 to level 5 in mathematics: Year 8 intervention

Key Stage 3 National Strategy
Date of issue: 05-2004
DfES 0292-2004 G


Targeting level 4 in Year 7: mathematics

Key Stage 3 National Strategy
Date of issue: 2003

Story Wheel

To use the story wheel you will need a 6 sided dice.

Roll the dice once and find the corresponding segment. For example if you roll  a 3, find the segment numbered 3 and write what is written in the first band, (a Duke and Duchess).

Throw the dice again and find the corresponding number. Move closer the centre of the wheel and write down what is in the next band.

Repeat this until you have rolled the dice 6 times and have written down the elements of the story.

Use these elements to discuss, plan, write a story that includes these features.

More writing and reading resources...

The above story wheel can be found on the English curriculum pages along with other useful resources to support improving writing skills such as ideas for using pictures to stimulate creative writing, resources to support teaching grammar and sentence construction and 35 strategies to support weaker writers.


Under the reading section of the English curriculum pages you will find a range of resources to support developing reading skills such as bookmarks to prompt discussion about texts, reading mats to develop analytical skills as well as a selection of anthologies to provide the tutor with a variety of interesting and stimulating texts for use in the tuition session.


Literacy Plus sample units of work and English Progression Maps are also available on The National Strategies website.



The full range of National Strategy resources can be found in the resources library section of the Secondary framework website at:

Publications can also be ordered and downloaded: