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Individual Tuition Plans & Pupil Passports (Legacy Materials)

The Individual Tuition Plan (Legacy Material)

The target areas for tuition should be identified by the class teacher based upon a range of assessment for learning strategies, for example, analysis of work, discussion with pupils, observation and Assessing Pupil’s Progress.  These areas may be included as targets within the Individual Tuition Plan. It is this document which forms the basis of the tuition process.   These targets will include areas of either English or mathematics (depending upon the focus of the tuition) which the pupil is finding difficult.  These areas should be significant enough that they will accelerate the overall rate of progress for the individual pupil. 

The agreed number of targets should be limited, rather than identifying one for each of the tuition sessions.  Once identified, these targets should be discussed with the pupil, tutor and parent or carer.  Naturally, during the course of the tuition these targets will be amended and altered in light of on-going assessment to ensure that misconceptions can be immediately addressed.

Schools should retain copies of ITPs once the tuition has been completed.

Blank Individual Tuition Plan Proforma
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Examples of completed ITPs

For examples of completed ITPs see Developing one-to-one tuition: Guidance for Tutors

The Pupil Passport (Legacy Material)

A key element of success within the programme is the close link between the school and home.  The pupil passport not only provides a record of the areas of learning covered during each individual tuition session, but also allows tutors, tutees and parents to record their views. Many schools in the pilot have been very creative in their design of the passport to meet the interests of the tutee.  An example of a pupil passport proforma is given in this section.

Schools should retain a copy of the completed pupil passport as this will provide a record of the work completed and will support schools in their self-evaluation. 

These documents may also support pupils at different points of transition, for example, between year groups and Key Stages.

Blank Pupil Progress Proforma