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Characteristics of schools that have high impact tuition


Quality Assurance
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School Self-Evaluation




Viewpoint Questionnaires
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Characteristics of schools that have high impact tuition

The following document (source: DfE) details the characteristics of schools that have high impact tuition.

Quality Assurance (Legacy Material)

The Evaluative Framework is intended to guide both internal and external quality assurance of One to One tuition in our schools.

The framework is intended to be used as a self evaluation tool prior to a visit from the LA, but for all schools it should also provide a useful basis for internal quality assurance of tuition.

Using the evaluative framework, schools rate themselves as “focusing”, “establishing” or “enhancing” in four distinct areas, meaning that evaluations are less sweeping and allow for distinctions in progress in the four different areas. The categories are as follows:

  • Leadership
  • Involvement of tutors and subject teachers
  • Involvement of parents and tutees
  • Impact on learning

Quality Assurance Evaluative Framework for Autumn Term 2010-11:

In order to assist schools with their own quality assurance and to provide further information on the quality assurance visit process, please see the attached visit report form.

Viewpoint Questionnaires (Legacy Material)

In this section there are four 'viewpoint' measures which can be distributed to parents or carers, pupils, teachers and tutors at the beginning and at the end of the tuition. 

The surveys are intended to illustrate changes in the tutees attitude to the subject as well as their confidence and classroom engagement.